We are Michel and Angelique and together with our 2 sons we are living in Dedemsvaart.
 In 2005 we got our first English Bulldog Emma, this was a wish we had for a long time.
It was never our intention to start a kennel but with Emma the Bulldog virus started.
The result of this was that during 2 years we got 4 Bulldogs.
In 2008 we raised our first litter
Two pups ourt of this litter stayed at our home and with them we started showing
and this is going better then we ever hoped for !
To make it real we gained our kennelname and we hope to breed
beautifull and healthy Bulldogs in the future
  • were we hope other people with have lots of fun with !
  • Take a look at our website and feel free to leave a comment in our guestbook